Buy back Shrink Wrap

Our vision

The Coca-Cola company has made a major global commitment to a World Without Waste. By 2025, all our packaging will be 100% recyclable and by 2030 we aim to be using at least 50% recycled material in our packaging and to be collecting and recycling a bottle for every one that we sell.


Our purpose

We are creating value chains to collect and recycle plastic shrink wrap, the external packaging on our drinks cases, from the markets where we operate. We want to drive positive behavioural change and ultimately increase recycling rates by engaging customers through simple collection methods and awareness raising.


The Solution

Most shrink wrap still ends up in landfills because it is not properly sorted and ends up mixed in with other wate. By working with partners we can sort, collect, purchase and recycle shrink wrap to limit its environmental impact.



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To develop infrastructure and capacity to incentivise scrap buyers to recycle shrink wrap and other plastics PET & Shrink wrap in to recycled materials. E.g.: flower pots, rPET, etc. 



Unlike a traditional linear economy (make, use, dispose), a circular economy extracts the maximum value from materials and products while in use, then recovers and regenerates them.

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