Indomitable, hardworking warriors!

The Sales Department always tries to satisfy the customer and consumer needs by improving the engagement level with them, implementation of effective markets at stores, and maintaining its sales schedules to reach the Coca-Cola’s goal.

If your working and learning dream is in an international standard sales training environment as well as valuable practical sessions of top Cambodia’s FMCG experts, please kindly send the Sales Department your CV asap!

The key center of business operations

By Market-based Culture, at Cambodia Beverage Company, the Commercial Department plays its role of key center of business operations. In addition to creating impressive marketing campaigns, the Commercial Department is also responsible for the implementation of effective markets, management of optimal sales tools, development of latest products and all these activities are under the strength analysis of accurate data.

Keep trying to improve Cambodia Beverage Company as a total Beverage Company in Cambodian markets, the Commercial Department always welcomes passionate and enthusiastic candidates for bringing Cambodian consumers experiences unlike any other from the world’s top beverage brands.

Both good production and excellent distribution, operation

Thanks to the devotion and accuracy of the supply chain department, Coca-Cola’s products have been produced and supplied with quality and consistency while maintaining a safe and good operation for environment and community.

By the partnership among Departments of Planning, Preparation, Production, Safety, Quality, Logistics and Project; The Supply Chain Department always ensure to provide market growing demands with full products, timely and fully delivery the lowest cost and highest quality products to customers, and ensure the infrastructure and system effectiveness for a good management of asset cycle.

To work as a member of this great logistic department, please kindly send us your CV asap!

The ones of the future!

IT is a combination of business operations, creation of renovation and technology to build a competitive advantage in the continuously changing and developing world. We keep our system continuously and effectively operating by maintaining and promptly responding to problems and ensure that applications and personal servers are fully present, and we are responsible for infrastructures of all plants as well as designs and applications of latest services, such as SAP ERP, Margin Minder, Sales Force Automation SFA.

Create values from numbers

The Finance Department assists the company in making number-based decisions by providing accurate information about financial statements, analyses and consultations. We turn such numbers into meaningful information for useful analyses as well as consultations, besides, we ensure a close management, risk control and insurance, and full processes to minimize risks and maintain the system sustainability.

The Finance Department always aim to perfect services, providing with full, accurate, promptly financial information and improving processes to continuously raise the whole system the service quality, we always welcome the best candidates.

Diplomatists and Social Activities that are full of enthusiasm!

Legal and Public Affairs Communication Department plays its role in interaction with local authorities in sustainable projects, supports legal consultation to other departments and connects competent authorities, communities and the company. We plays a very important role in maintaining the company reputation by the risk management, actively contributing to and joining in social activities.

Let’s join in Legal and Public Affairs Communication Department if you have full passion and inspiration to the community values brought by the company, and if you want to contribute for further expansion of sustainable development strategy of Coca-Cola in Cambodia and across the world!

We do not develop business, we do develop human and they do this

With important contribution to building and developing human, assets and the most essential foundation of the company, the HR Department always ensures to achieve human goals in business operations by HR and organizational structure Planning, Attract and Develop Talents, Manage HR Policy, Administration, Schedules and other staff activities. By strategic connection and partnerships, the HR Department is able to well and effectively recruit, develop and retain its Human Resources; Create and maintain a fun, good, safe and effective workplace to maximize the human and organization potentials as well, turn Cambodia Beverage Company into one of the most popular employers in market.

This is the place where HR job is an art, let’s join in and fell this as a member of HR Department of the Cambodia Beverage Company!