Our culture

Our culture


At CBC we strive to create a company culture built around four strategic imperatives called CARE; create, articulate, regulate and evaluate.

We CREATE an inclusive environment by engaging diverse talent through recruitment, development, advancement and retention.

We ARTICULATE our progress by proactively communicating our progress against key diversity and inclusion priorities.

We REGULATE to ensure all our workplaces are managed fairly and in full compliance with existing government regulations.

And we EVALUATE our growth and how well we are keeping up with best practices through dedicated tools and resources.

We also embrace a Growth Mindset across our company and believe in continuous learning to improve our business and ourselves. We value how we work as much as what we achieve.

This Growth Mindset is what has driven CBC to adopt some of the most advanced AI and business tools to help make our business more efficient. By empowering our staff with these tools, we also aim to inspire them to challenge convention and create new ways of working here in Cambodia that could one day shape the way our colleagues work in Brazil, India or the United States.

Our staff are encouraged to question assumptions about our consumers, our customers, our partners or even the world around us. We explore, understand, connect, imagine and wonder about how it could be better or different. And we are agile – in a fast-moving world, we prioritize learning fast and testing what we learn in the real world.

We start with facts, based in science. The reality of our success and scale is that we have to lead, to be a force for progress and for good. If we make mistakes, we act quickly to make things right. In an ever-more interconnected and transparent world, a clarity of conscience to do the right thing is a valuable compass.