Deploy Water Filtration System-Aquatower at Sihanouk Vile

Ministry of Environment and Cambodia Beverage Company Coca-Cola closely co-operate in the project clean water, clean toilet, model schools which is so called “AuquaTower-AquaSan & Clean School’s Toilet” with a focus on Cambodian community well-being which we should start with safe drinking water and clean toilets at school. The event took place at Sihanouk Ville high school at Sihanouk Vile, which will bring clean drinking water to over 1000 pupils and staff and surrounding community.

HE Chuop Paris, Director General of Knowledge and Environmental Information,
Ministry of Environment

This program was presided over by HE Chuop Paris, Director General of Knowledge and Environmental Information and Mr. Ros Sophea, Country Legal & PAC Director of Cambodia Beverage Company (Coca-Cola). “The project is part of Coca-Cola’s global priority vision under the project” Water Stewardship” with a strong commitment to the 3 primary goals: water saving during our beverage production, conduct wastewater treatment before discharging to rivers, and return back to the community with safe drinking water, which can be consumed immediately, is equivalent to the amount of water we use in making our beverage products.”, said Mr. Sophea.

Mr. Ros Sophea, Country Legal & PAC Director of Cambodia Beverage Company (Coca-Cola)

Mr. Ros Sophea continued: “The Coca-Cola Company is proud to be part of this vital project that is bringing together clean water, clean toilets to schools and communities all across the planet”.

This is the 25th tower that were installed across Cambodia since 2016 in collaboration with Planet Water Foundation and our stakeholders. Each Aquatower can supply more than 1,000 liters of safe drinking water per hour, powered by the Ultra-Filtration technology filter from the USA, and equipped with six water faucets, three faucets of hand soup, and also a toilet washer-the AquaSan, which powered by solar panel, allows students to clean their bathrooms in line with the school model’s goals. Planet Water Foundation will support maintenance for 5 years starting from installation date with focusing on water safety inspection.

We will install six water purification towers more throughout Cambodia by 2020, and more water purification towers will be available in the coming years. As of today, we have provided 88 million liters of clean water to the community through the projects, which is approximately benefit to 69,837 people including students and teachers. Those numbers are expected to increase this year with the installation of the six new towers in 2020.

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