Handover Ceremony of Bin Segregation to Schools at Sihanouk Vile

On the morning of June 12th, 2020, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, we were jointly organized the handover ceremony, there were 50 segregation bins with total of 130 segments, to 10 schools at Sihanouk vile. This event was presided over by HE Chuop Paris, Director General of Knowledge and Environmental Information, highly representative of HE Say Sam Al, Minister of the Environment.

This collaboration aims to raise awareness on solid waste management at schools, with a particular focus on waste segregation between recyclable, non-recyclable and organic waste as well as to inspire the students to take care of their school environment. By practicing this clean manner at school, students are able spread this good manner at their homes.

Mr. Meas Vutha, Country Sales Director of the Coca-Cola Cambodia, speaking at the event that “Today’s collaboration is part of our global goal on “World Without Waste” which follows the three pillars: Design, Collect and Partner. He continued “we are trying everything we can do to achieve the goal to collect and recycle equivalent to 50% of our total packaging we sell by 2030″. In recognition of our company’s next step towards our goal, in this 2020, we will be selling our Dasani water 350ml which is made of a 100% recyclable plastic or ‘”rPET” in accordance with Australian and Canadian standards.

HE Chuop Paris, Director General of Knowledge and Environmental Information, also stated that “Waste and environment management is under the direction of the Royal Government and it is the obligation of all stakeholders, including the private sector and all citizens. In this sense, the involvement of the private sector in environmental protection is an outstanding act that reflects the private sector’s solidarity with the Cambodian environment. I believe that the efforts of the Royal Government, with the participation of the private sector, in particular the understanding of solid waste management of students, will improve the Cambodian environment. ”

Under the global vision on “World without Waste” which were initiated since the late of 2018 until today, Coca-Cola has been collaborated with partners, provided over 800 segregation bins and hundreds of environmental awareness banners to schools and communities across the kingdom. After today’s program, more than 200 segregation bins are ready to distribute more to schools and communities in 2020.

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