Saluting the Heroes of the Human Race

The Coca-Cola company and its bottlers from around the world have posted articles and videos on their own social media outlets to honor and thank to all heroes, who scarified their time, energy, and resources, contributed to rescue of humanity and fight against the pandemic COVID-19.

Although we are living in different places, people have the same feelings and challenges in this situation, the participation of heroes of all nationalities and all shapes gives us hope and positive feeling that we will get through this hardship situation together.

Like other countries, Cambodia, there are many heroes have scarified to saved the Cambodian community against the spread of the COVID-19, for more information please gone below link:

សូមថ្លែងអំណរគុណចំពោះក្តីស្រឡាញ់ ទឹកចិត្ត និងអំពើល្អរបស់អ្នកដែលបានលះបង់ក្នុងគ្រាលំបាកនេះ។ អរគុណដែលបានស្ម័គ្រចិត្ត ក្នុងចំណោមអ្នកស្ម័គ្រចិត្តជាច្រើនទៀតដែលបានចូលរួមសង្គ្រោះមនុស្សជាតិរបស់យើង។ #ForTheHumanRace

Posted by Coca-Cola on Saturday, 30 May 2020

In addition to the above readings , the company has released a short video highlighting the dedication and true heroism of one of the heroes. He, who owns a small pest control business, has contributed to the prevention of the corona virus by providing free disinfection spray services to public areas, schools, hospitals, markets and community, village, commune, etc., whose activities helped the front line team. For more details, please click on below link:

Not only just support inspiration to future prosperity and a message of hope, Coca-Cola Cambodia has donated over US $ 200,000 worth of preventive and protective equipment to fight against the spread of virus in Cambodia as well as in responding to the most vulnerable communities in Cambodia.

Mr. David Wigglesworth, CEO of the Cambodia Beverage Company (Coca-Cola) said that “We thank and solute the heroism of the front line team and all the heroes who try their best to keep our people and community safe during this difficult time.”

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