The Future of Banlung: Ultimate Priority of Getting Access to Clean Water

Water purification system “AquaTower” and latrine system “AquaSan” continued to install at rural community which will bring safe drinking water to over 800 pupils at Banlung Dormitory, Ratanakkiri province. The inauguration ceremony was presided over by HE Thong Savon, governor of Ratanakkiri province and Mr. Ros Sophea, Representative of Coca-Cola Company.

This is the 27th AquaTower already installed by Coca-Cola Cambodia since 2016. The goal is to focus on the supply of clean water to communities and people who getting less access to safe drinking water, as well as the welfare of clean bathrooms at schools.

Each Aquatower can supply more than 1,000 liters of safe drinking water per hour, powered by the Ultra-Filtration technology filter from the USA, and equipped with six water faucets, three faucets of hand soup, and also a toilet washer-the AquaSan, which powered by solar panel, allows students to clean their bathrooms in line with the school model’s goals. Planet Water Foundation will support maintenance for 5 years starting from installation date with focusing on water safety inspection.

The project is part of Coca-Cola’s global priority vision under the project” Water Stewardship” with a strong commitment to the 3 primary goals: water saving during our beverage production, conduct wastewater treatment before discharging to rivers, and return back to the community with safe drinking water, which can be consumed immediately, is equivalent to the amount of water we use in making our beverage products.”. “As a testament to our one more step achievement toward the global goals, we are implementing water-saving strategies in production, at our beverage plant, we have our own water treatment plant which the standard simply able for fish to live, and we also have already provided instant drinking water to the community through AquaTower, a water purification system as standing in front of you right now” said Mr. Sophea.

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