We are committed to a water replenishment

Our vision

Water is the primary ingredient in most of our beverages. A clean and sustainable water supply is central to the long-term success of our business and the health of our communities. We have a responsibility to respect and protect water resources. Our goal is to replenish the water used in our production and to support access to clean water through water projects including our state of the art water treatment facilities that returns 100% clean water back to the environment from our factory. 


Our Progress in 2020

  • $500K invested in CSR program
  • $150K invested in water replenishment in 2020
  • 88M liter of safe drinking water returned from our factory between 2016-2020
  • 195,837 : Number of beneficiaries of our clean water programs


Improving out Water Efficiency

100% of the waste water from our manufacturing is treated before it leaves our factory with 73% used for irrigating the green spaces around our plant.

We use 1.9 liters of water to make 1 liter of our product. That means that 1 liter of water is in the product and another 0.9 liters is used in the manufacturing process, mostly for keeping equipment clean. This is the water that we treat and clean before it leaves our factory.


Water Filtration System Project

Working with INGO Planet Water, CBC aims to provide access to clean, safe drinking water & hygiene education programs for vulnerable communities in rural Cambodia.

Since 2016, we have provided access to clean drinking water and hand-washing stations through the installation of 31 Aqua-towers & AquaSan stations benefitting an estimated 195,837 people in 31 rural communities

Clean water is essential for the health and wellbeing of communities. Through this sustainable project, we have :

  • Increased awareness and knowledge of water-health and hygiene topics, as well as building local capacity for implementing educational programs 
  • Improved capability to sanitize latrines at schools, providing cleaner sanitation facilities in line with Covid-19 prevention measures
  • Helped students & communities gain free access to clean, safe drinking water which helps them reduce their daily expenses



Sustainable clean water filtration systems

We will replenish every drop of water we use at our facility. The water used in our manufacturing process is properly treated and released back to nature at a level that supports aquatic life.



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