Women empowerment Journey 2020 report

Our vision: 50% female staff by 2025

Women are the backbone of our society and the nation’s economy. At Coca-Cola, we aim to have 50% female staff by 2025. To achieve this, we have put in place recruitment targets, on-the-job training and support programs to ensure women take their rightful place in our workforce.


Our progress

875 Total Employees

270 Women employees

31% female staff in 2020

37% of women in leadership roles

100% of our female staff joining in-work training

40%of our total staff development budget invested  in developing female staff


Our Approach


We ensure that at least 50% of the candidates for open job positions at our company are women

Investing in People – Unlock Potential

Our in-work training includes such programs as:

  • Achieve Your Best Self (AYBS)
  • LIFT 
  • Leadership Excellent Accelerate Performance (LEAP)
  • Lead & Inspire In Time of Change
  • Growth Behavior 
  • Defensive Driving Training: for Female Truck Drivers
  • Women in Leadership


Women Forum

Our Women’s Forum meets monthly and we have a weekly Women in Leadership forum to support our female staff. During the Covid-19 pandemic we ensured these valuable meetings were available online for remote workers.


Working Environment

Opportunity for on-the-job training

Generous maternity benefits

World Class Environment in all offices

Special women only corporate retreats

Women’s Day celebrations

We foster an inclusive and respectful culture

We are serious about eradicating sexism from the workplace



Scaling Through Partnerships

Ministry of Women Affairs

Purpose: Our partnership with the Ministry aims to bridge the gender equality gap, to enable more female participation in the economy and to ensure women’s voices are being heard by:

  • Empowering female entrepreneurs in the Coca-Cola value chain
  • Identifying talented female students for job opportunities and internships
  • Co-hosting programs to unlock women’s potential.

NGOs: Ad-hoc sponsorship support. External Women’s Development Programs

MoU: Female-focused corporate Training with Universities/Professional Training Center

Ministry of Tourism: 260 VENDORS

Purpose: Our partnership with the Ministry will promote small scale street food vendors including female vendors and entrepreneurs. Conduct series of 4 Street Food Training workshop for 4 provinces

One Village One Product: 1500 Participants

Purpose: To upgrade capabilities of local entrepreneurs, specially femaless. Conducting training for local entrepreneurs in many provinces


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