Coca-Cola Cambodia handover segregation bins to The City Hall

Phnom Penh City, 23 Feb 2022 – To support more litter-free communities across Cambodia, Coca-Cola is working closely with the local government of the City of Phnom Penh to set up segregation bins across the city.  Around 50 bins will be introduced in public parks around Phnom Penh city to help encourage people to practice waste sorting properly. The handover ceremony held today was attended by His Excellency Nuon Pharat, Deputy Governor of Phnom Penh City Hall and Coca-Cola Cambodia Beverage Company CEO Mr. David Wigglesworth. The partnership is a reaffirmation of Coca-Cola’s steadfast commitment to making its vision of a world without waste come to life in Cambodia.

The initiative was launched in 2020 to help raise the communities’ awareness on proper waste sorting and recycling. Coca-Cola and partner local government units deployed over 850 collection bins across 120 different schools, wet markets and public areas all over the country.

His Excellency Nuon Pharat, Deputy Governor of Phnom Penh City said: “Phnom Penh Capital Administration has developed strategies to reduce and manage waste, starting from educating citizens on their waste management. We support the vision of the private sector including the Coca-Cola company in contributing toward a cleaner and greener community here in Phnom Penh. In this sense, the company’s vision has really contributed to support the implementation of the strategic plan of Phnom Penh Capital Administration and especially the Royal Government of Cambodia in environmental management. We appreciate Coca-Cola’s efforts in promoting proper waste sorting and collection in communities; and we hope that more people and communities will join and work together with us in protecting our environment starting with the simple act of proper waste sorting and recycling.”

Each collection bin will provide information to help educate people to sort recyclable plastics from metallic waste e.g. cans, and other domestic waste. By helping sort recyclable plastic materials from other forms of waste, recyclable plastics are given another chance to be reused, repurposed, and reimagined into another material again.

At the handover ceremony, Mr. David Wigglesworth, Coca-Cola Cambodia Beverage Company CEO said: “Coca-Cola is actively promoting collecting and recycling of plastic materials on our labels, such as our recyclable plastic bottles and shrink wraps which are being used in some of our beverages. This is part of our effort to contribute to the global goal of the company to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottler or can we sell by 2030.” Coca-Cola Cambodia continues to accelerate its collection and recycling efforts in the country. In early 2020, the beverage company launched the Dasani 350ml rPET bottle, one of the Cambodia’s first beverage bottles made from 100% recycled plastic material (rPET). Partnering with customers and collection partner, the company has collected nearly 1,450 tonnes of recyclable plastic waste in 2020-2021.

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